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Barrierefreiheit , HTML, CSS & Joomla

After a short introduction I left Eva alone to create sections and categories.

Result: Some sections and categories are created .

Next step follows tomorrow.

Eva wants to change the template now.
It isn’t easy for her to find the right link in this mass of links, because we have no semantic headlines to structure the content.
But she is practised in using websites and so she found the right one after a while.

Conclusion: To change the template was possible

Eva asked me:”What’s about the numbers I found at the beginning of the page.”
There is a link to the unread messages and the amount of logged in users is shown.

We can see the icons which are placed with CSS as background-images. These images aren’t accessible, because they are not part of the HTML.
It would be better to place them inside the code and use a accordant alternative text.

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